Flashtools errors and their solutions!
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Invalid scatter file.


The problem with the port.
May occur for example if you are disabled in the BIOS com-ports (though in this case the com-port is a virtual and a physical USB, but when you turn off you just do not see the equipment that puts drivers on the preloader).
or a problem in the USB cable (cable helps change the firmware).
any problem in PC USB-port (port helps change).


Occurs when the size of any part of the firmware is larger than the allotted space (usually a block or core rekaveri). Decision.
We also learned that this error sometimes occurs on the “raw” versions flashtool, so you might help change the version flashers.


Error in nature and orientation similar to error 1003. Solutions must be sought on the same principle (see. 1003).
Can also help to change the version flashers.


You need to use a newer version of SP FlashTool.


Scatter file does not fit the phone. For example, in 6577 the title is present, and the phone is actually 6573


On phones with MTD flash if an error occurs:
When you select Download to block preloader or dsp_bl not set daw. You should use the appropriate version SPFT, such v2.xxx for phones MT6573, or off DA Download All.
When you select Download to block preloader or dsp_bl set daw. It is necessary to uncheck these blocks! If these blocks need to flash, it is necessary to connect the phone to BOOTROM.
When selecting ReadBack, Format, or MemoryTest. It is necessary to connect the phone to BOOTROM.


In the settings Flashtool forced to put a checkbox that the body without the battery and then connect through the test point with the battery.


After you click download, try connecting to the computer off device with pre-tensioned volume buttons.


Possible connection problems. Check the cable and / or reconnect the cable to another port.


Problems associated with the definition of a flash memory device. Known methods to overcome this problem:
Try using a different version of flashers, because as the release of different versions and updated information about the flash memory.
Try to flash a smartphone on another computer, unnecessarily. are soft karaoke problems hampering correctly identify the memory on a particular machine.


It is possible that in the SP_Flash_Tool not worth birdie on uboot. uboot – the operating system loader + drivers to initialize the basic equipment (screen, processor, GPIO).
Or when there is a line path Russian folder names such as: C: Users Kolyan Desktop Hata Firmware Firmware tablet 8.31 Surfer 8.31 3G_20130402_V1.03 Surfer 8.31 3G_20130402_V1.03


Occurs when an automatic formatting, you should try to set the addresses manually formatting.


Besides problems with iron can be Scatter when the file is not the phone. For example in the title is present emmc, and the phone is actually a MTD flash.
As well there is a chance that the problem will be solved if you use the machine with another operating system (in priority winXP) and completely install the drivers.


mcking230 writes pierced version 3.1320.0.174, after the loss errors listened to the program and flashed version 5.1420.00 (At the time of writing, the latest version) choose Format all + download and it worked, the program was at the root of drive C.


Solution – Change USB-port and transfer the SP Flash Tool to the root of the C: drive
Also there is an option in the file download agent no information about the CPU / flash. Solution – upgrade flashers.
The problem could be hardware, such as the failed flash memory.


Methods of practices that have solved this problem:
Change version flashers and most interesting is that in the older version.
Change the cable for firmware.
It is also possible in the process of flashing the village battery … Solution: charge your phone and try the firmware again.


In addition to reading errors in the phone the same error for errors in the file system PC. Eg not enough space for a file or file can not be overwritten because it is locked. To clarify the log should look.


4032 an error occurred while trying to change the firmware on the device to the processor through the program MT6589 Sp_Flash_tool. The unit has recovered by formatting the phone via the button Format (do not do it if you have the machine on the CPU MT6575 or 6577) in the program sp_flash_tool, then download the official firmware and flashed it with all ticks through the button download. Sometimes you need to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and re-do the formatting, and then reflash if the previous attempt was unsuccessful.
Also check whether there is a way to scatter-file Russian characters, as well as in the directory where the folder with the program.
If all else fails, try to change the version of the flasher. It is recommended to start with a version 5.1352.01


Occurs when block sizes are not the same in the PMT and scatter. In general, this error is treated to download all the blocks (one can usrdata enough), then the size in the PMT should switch to the right. Sometimes it helps to change the version flashers.


When configuring SP_Flash_Tool download agent should be selected is attached to this release flasher. The choice of other agents gives this error.


Did a hard reset via fleshtul and now cant install the new firmware. Reset do Yeshe time too fails, crashes the same error. Problem was solved by resetting in the new drivers.


Wrong files. For example when the scatter of the chosen folder is not yet prepared for the FT files. It is necessary to choose the scatter in the folder prepared for FT files.


Get eliminated after flashing through native Preloader button download. After this, the modified firmware recovery took place without errors and then restore the firmware from a previously created backup.

(8038) SP FLASH TOOL ERROR) / (PMT changed for the ROM; it must be downloaded

Occurs if the names or addresses of the blocks in the scatter differ from the table inside the phone (PMT). Should be corrected scatter-file in the firmware, ie lead to the same kind with your current scatter file of the firmware that you are currently on the unit. An example of how to catch and edit manually given here.
If a scatter file with nothing had been done, but it’s still displays this error, you can try to change the version of the flasher. It is recommended to start with a version SP Flash Tool v5.1352.01
Also there is a modified version of fleshtula that ignores this error and enables ask. But be careful! Not all devices Attached fayl SP Flash Tool v5.1352.01
Original theme using a modified version
Another way (not always work, because droidtuls not always creates a second scatter corrected sections):
Download the latest mtkdroidtools
Connect your phone and save the block map (stored 2 files and one of them will be named PMP)
Leave only PMP and rename it to normal view scatter
Through it you can flash any firmware without error 8038


The nature of the error is similar to 8038, but in practice a scatter correction files do not help. To solve this problem, many went to the service center and they raised the unit via programmer.
At home, sometimes works firmware version through the DOWNLOAD button with all the other checkboxes (version fleshtula touch and try on several occasions).


Occurs if you try to flash the device on the same platform, firmware from another (eg you mt6577, and you try to flash the firmware of the device on mt6575, etc.)
Can also help to change the version flashers. Br Gsm Narendra


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